Fill out the following form to pre-register.  Note: Office Fee to be waived for those that pre-register the Sunday before each show.  Horse Number will be assigned at the show.


Horse Name:


Horse Number:
(If no number is listed, office will assign
a number and can be picked up at the secretary table upon check-in) (note: number stays with the horse
regardless of rider)


Rider Name:










Camper Hookup: Limited Number Available. 

30 Amp Camper Hookup

110 Camper Hookup

special notes



Stall Reservation:
Please list horse name
for stall needed



Open Jackpot Cutting


Amateur Jackpot Cutting


Novice Jackpot Cutting


Sr Youth Jackpot Cutting


Jr Youth Jackpot Cutting

 Class 1

#1 Open Stockhorse Cutting

 Class 2

#2 Amateur Stockhorse Cutting

 Class 3

#3 Novice Stockhorse Cutting

 Class 4

#4 Senior Youth Stockhorse Cutting

 Class 5

J#5 unior Youth Stockhorse Cutting

 Class 6

#6 Jr Youth Ranch Conformation

 Class 7

#7 Sr Youth Ranch Conformation

 Class 8

#8 Open Ranch Conformation

 Class 9

#9 Amateur Ranch Conformation

 Class 10

#10 Novice Ranch Conformation

 Class 11

#11 Jr Youth Walk/Trot

 Class 12

#12 Open Ranch Riding

 Class 13

#13 Amateur Ranch Riding

 Class 14

#14 Novice Ranch Riding

 Class 15

#15 Sr Youth Ranch Riding

 Class 16

#16 Jr Youth Ranch Riding

 Class 17

#17 Open Ranch Cutting

 Class 18

#18Amateur Ranch Cutting

 Class 19

#19 Novice Ranch Cutting

 Class 20

#20 Sr Youth Ranch Cutting

 Class 21

#21 Jr Youth Ranch Cutting

 Class 22

#22 Open Working Cow Horse

 Class 23

#23 Amateur Working Cow Horse

Class 24

#24 Novice Working Cow Horse

Class 25

#25 Sr Youth Working Cow Horse

Class 26

#26 Sr Youth Barrels

 Class 27

#27 Jr Youth Barrels

 Class 28

#28 Sr Youth Poles

Class 29

#29 Jr Youth Poles

Class 30

#30 Open Ranch Trail

Class 31

#31 Amateur Ranch Trail

 Class 32

#32 Novice Ranch Trail

 Class 33

#33 Sr Youth Ranch Trail

 Class 34

#34 Jr Youth Ranch Trail

Class 35

#35 Sr Youth Ranch Showmanship

 Class 36

#36 Jr Youth Ranch Showmanship

 Class 37

#37 Jr Youth Ranch Reining

Class 38

#38 Sr Youth Ranch Reining

Class 39

#39 Open Ranch Reining

 Class 40

#40 Amateur Ranch Reining

Class 41

#41 Novice Ranch Reining

Open Challenge 

Open High Point Challenge

 Amateur Challenge

Amateur High Point Challenge

 Novice Challenge

Novice High Point Challenge

 Sr Youth Challenge

Sr Youth High Point Challenge

Jr Youth Challenge 

Jr Youth High Point Challenge

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