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Open Classes 1: AQHA VRH Open Ranch Riding
2: APHA Open Ranch Riding
3: APHA SBP Ranch Riding
3A: SSA Open Ranch Riding* 
10: AQHA VRH Open Ranch Trail
11: APHA Open Ranch Trail
12: APHA SBP Ranch Trail
17: SSA Open Stockhorse Cutting
22: AQHA VRH Open Ranch Cutting
25: SSA Open Ranch Cutting
32: SSA Open Working Cow Horse
36: AQHA VRH Open Cow Work
37: APHA Open Cow Work
38: APHA SBP Cow Work
45: SSA Open Trail (at will Sat 8-1/Sun 9-1)
50: AQHA VRH Conformation
51: SSA Open Conformation
61: SSA Open Ranch Pleasure
66: AQHA VRH Open Ranch Reining
67: APHA Open Ranch Reining
68: APHA SBP Ranch Reining
  69: SSA Open Ranch Reining
OHP: SSA Open HP Challenge


4: AQHA VRH Amateur Ranch Riding
5: APHA Amateur Ranch Riding
6: SSA Amateur Ranch Riding*
13: AQHA VRH Amateur Ranch Trail
14: APHA Amateur Ranch Trail
  18: SSA Amateur Stockhorse Cutting
 Amatuer Classes 23: AQHA VRH Amateur Ranch Cutting
26: SSA Amateur Ranch Cutting
33: SSA Amateur Working Cow Horse
39: AQHA VRH Amateur Cow Work
40: APHA Amateur Cow Work
43: AQHA VRH Amateur Limited Cow Work
46: SSA Amateur Trail (at will Sat 8-1/Sun 9-1)
52: AQHA VRH Amateur Conformation
53: SSA Amateur Conformation
62: SSA Amateur Ranch Pleasure
70: AQHA VRH Amateur Ranch Reining
71: APHA Amateur Ranch Reining
72: SSA Amateur Ranch Reining
AHP: SSA Amateur High Point Challenge

 Novice Classes 19: SSA Novice Stockhorse Cutting
27: SSA Novice Ranch Cutting
34: SSA Novice Working Cow Horse
47: SSA Novice Trail (at will Sat 8-1/Sun 9-1)
54: SSA Novice Confirmation
63: SSA Novice Ranch Pleasure
73: SSA Novice Ranch Reining
NHP: SSA Novice High Point Challenge

Youth Classes
7: AQHA VRH Youth Ranch Riding
8: APHA Youth Ranch Riding
9: SSA Youth Ranch Riding* 
15: AQHA VRH Youth Trail
16: APHA Youth Trail
  24: AQHA VRH Youth Ranch Cutting
  41: AQHA VRH Youth Cow Work
42: APHA Youth Cow Work
44: AQHA VRH Youth Limited Cow Work
55: AQHA VRH Youth Conformation
74: AQHA VRH Youth Ranch Reining
75: APHA Youth Ranch Reining
 SSA Sr Youth Classes 20: SSA Sr Youth Stockhorse Cutting
28: SSA Sr Youth Ranch Cutting
35: SSA Sr Youth Working Cow Horse
48: SSA Sr Youth Trail
56: SSA Sr Youth Conformation
58: SSA Sr Youth Showmanship
64: SSA Sr Youth Ranch Pleasure
76: SSA Sr Youth Ranch Reining
78: SSA Sr Youth Barrels
80: SSA Sr Youth Poles
SHP: SSA Sr Youth High Point Challenge
 SSA Jr Youth Classes 21: SSA Jr Youth Stockhorse Cutting
29: SSA Jr Youth Ranch Cutting
31: SSA Jr Youth Ranch Boxing
49: SSA Jr Youth Trail (at will Sat 8-1/Sun 9-1)
57: SSA Jr Youth Conformation
59: SSA Jr Youth Showmanship
65: SSA Jr Youth Ranch Pleasure
77: SSA Jr Youth Ranch Reining
79: SSA Jr Youth Barrels
81: SSA Jr Youth Poles
JHP: SSA Jr Youth High Point Challenge
 SSA Beginner Classes 30: SSA Beginner Ranch Boxing Class*
60: SSA Beginner Walk/Trot*

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